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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Logitech announces new wheels G29 and G920, and yes We Have Compatible Stands!!

Wheel Stand Pro is proud to announce that we have a stand that is compatible with the new Logitech G29 and G920 Wheels.    Our Wheel Stand for Logitech G29 is backward compatible with G27 and G25.  In addition our wheel stand is compatible with the new G29/G920 shifter as well as backward compatible with the G27 shifter.
Wheel Stand Pro stand with Logitech G27 and shifter.

As before with the G27 wheel, the G29 and the G920 will bolt up tightly to our stand into the existing imbedded bolt points on the wheel and also to the shifter on our unique shifter plate attachment.  The pedals that come with the wheels also have imbeds and we bolt to one of them to securely mount the pedals to the frame as well.

Logitech came out with their exciting news about the shifters during the E3 show this week, and as a long time Logitech Wheel user I’m excited to see that they have brought the new G29 wheel to market for the PS3 and the PS4.  We're happy as well for the G920 wheel for the XBOX One and PC.  As of today you can pre-order the wheels at many locations, but no need to pre-order our Wheel Stand for the G29 or the G920, we have it ready to go! 

As we have seen in this business, the bring online of new games such as Project Cars  can  cause a run on the gaming peripherals such as Wheel Stands and the gaming wheels themselves.  It’s always good to order early to make sure you are not one of those left on the sidelines when/if a back-order is necessary.

Stay Fast...see you on the track or in the air.


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