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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Have a question? Call Lucy! 214-558-1919

Thanks for visiting the Wheel Stand Pro blog.  We understand many of you are purchasing consoles, wheels/yokes and stands for your driving and flying games for the first time, and we at Wheel Stand Pro want to help you.  Lucky for you we have a real live service specialist and co-owner standing by for your call.  Her name is Lucy and she is working diligently to get to every call and text (yes we love texts).  Lucy is an expert in what wheel works on what platform and of course which one of our stands is best for you.     Have a question with set up?  No problem, call Lucy.

In this era of computer responses and telephone “trees”, those annoying “push 2 for what-ever” it’s refreshing to have someone who you can talk to.   If she doesn't pick up when you call please leave a phone number she will call you right back, we promise (if it's during normal work hours!)

We do this because we think it’s the right thing to do for you, and frankly it’s good for business.   You are spending your valuable dollars on an item and it’s comforting to know if you have questions there is someone to talk to.  It doesn't hurt that we get tons of free press from customers whom have experienced our outstanding service.

We expect this Christmas season to be our biggest yet so we encourage you to purchase your stands as soon as possible to ensure you get one before our stock zero’s out.    If you want to make Lucy’s day, send her a text and say “Hi Lucy!”.

Happy racing (or flying)!

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