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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Virtual Reality Means No Cockpit Necessary, Wheel Stand Pro Rules! (ok, slightly biased)

As we’ve all heard, the big news coming out of E3 this week is the oncoming wave of virtually reality, I know that I’m excited and will be an early adopter.    The future has arrived and we are ready! 

              You are inside the game.  It’s no longer a display.  You are the character.

But how will this affect the use of gaming rigs such as ours?  Interestingly enough I’ve heard from a couple of close business friends of mind that they believe that the Virtual Reality wave will cause a large increase in demand for simulation rigs.  As you can imagine, as people get immersed in the games, any disconnects between the immersion will be jolting and take away from the experience.   For example, if you are using a console controller to race with and you are immersed in the game, there will be a disconnect between what your hands are doing and what you see in front of you (your hands on an analog wheel).     Before, perhaps, with all the other non-virtual world stuff around you (your couch, the books on the shelf in your vision, your pet watching you) the added disconnect of the console controller might have been not as big of a distraction.  Better yes, but one of many things removing you from the full immersive feel.   But in virtual reality if you put down the console controller and put an analog wheel or flight stick in your hands…. wha-la!   Total immersion!  How cool is that!?

The Wheel Stand Pro rig, will be perfect for the VR world, you have a solid base on which your wheel and pedals are mounted to.  Simple, clean and elegant.    On the other hand the larger cockpit set-ups will no longer be in demand because with VR you will no longer need the screen mounting in front of you (that’s why you have the goggles), or the feel of an actual cockpit around you (the virtual reality replaces that) all you need is a Wheel Stand Pro set up, no need to pay for what you won’t use, right?   You can sit in your favorite chair, pull up the Wheel Stand Pro stand and put on your goggles….real world is gone, virtual world here we come.  Heaven is waiting for us.

I can’t wait to be in the game either flying or driving, able to look over my shoulder and see cars eating my dust or the smoke trail of some plane that I just shot down.  Nothing in the experience to make me think I’m not in that plane or car.  In virtual reality I’m seeing my hands on the wheel or throttle…I’m not seeing my hands on a console controller! 

So if you are debating on getting a cockpit set up or a Wheel Stand Pro set up, I think I’ve made my case.  Virtual Reality makes the Wheel Stand Pro a slam dunk.  And to get you started on the Virtual Reality bandwagon, you can go ahead and get the Wheel Stand Pro stand because that will be a set-up that will only be enhanced with Virtual Reality, something to enjoy while you are waiting for full immersion!

In no time at all we will be gaming with our Virtual Reality goggles and why would you want anything but a Wheel Stand Pro set up?  I for one can’t think of good reason why.

See you in the game...and I mean "IN" the game!


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