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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

GT6 Release, Where Were You When GT5 Was Released? No Regrets…Plan Ahead.

Hello sim racers.  A lot of excitement is building about the impending release date (no we don't know the date).   But we can tell you what it was like in late 2010 when GT5 was released (think back, way back to the golden days of 2010)…pandemonium!   Every supplier of wheels, wheel stands and associated peripherals were swamped with orders and within a few short weeks everyone was sold out!   No Logitech G27's, No Logitech Driving Force GT's, no Thrustmasters no MadCatz... no nothing! The demand was so great here at Wheel Stand Pro that we were taking backorders like crazy and were unable to keep up until May of 2011!   I can clearly remember one particularly insistent buyer calling up begging for one of our steering wheel stands, trying to bribe this humble blogger with extra cash incentives so they could cut in line (not on my watch, a personal pet peeve of mine are line-cutters anywhere in life…but I digress).  

So where am I going with this…well simple, be prepared (yes, like the Boy Scouts motto).  Buy your gear early.  Don't wait until the GT6 box shows up in your mail to decide to get the wheel and the wheel stand.    The thing about gamers is they want to play when they want to play, not much will get in their way…and waiting months for your simulator wheel stand, well it's unacceptable.    We of course hope you, like thousands of sim racers before you, do us the honor of selecting the recently upgraded  Version 2...Wheel Stand Pro racing wheel.  

We offer wheel stands that are compatible with every major wheel manufacturer, Logitech, Thrustmaster, Fanatec, MadCatz.

Ok, so no regrets.  We don't know the well kept secret date of the release of GT6.  But we do know the release of our fantastic racing stands…now, today…yup in stock and ready for your wheel.  Pick your wheel, buy our stand…start racing, and when GT6 is released you will be in sim racing heaven.  Not on the phone pleading with one of our staff for a stand.   Click

See you on the track!

Speed Racer

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