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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Flight Simulator Stands - Now Available from Wheel Stand Pro!

We here at Wheel Stand Pro pioneered the driving wheel stand many years ago, and through the years we've made better stands for an ever growing range of racing wheels.  Over the years we have had a consistent request to build a stand that was made for the flight simulator community, well the time has come!  We offer for your consideration the Wheel Stand Pro stand custom designed to accept the Saitek Pro Flight Yoke System.

The Saitek Pro Flight simulator yoke is hard mounted to the top plate of the Wheel Stand and the rudder pedals are fastened securely to the base.   Now air-jockies can enjoy the same enjoyable experience that driving simulators have had for years with the Wheel Stand Pro Saitek stand.

When not using your flight simulator the entire set-up can be quickly folded and moved out of the way to maintain the "wife friendly" status we all know and love!

We hope you love using our newest offering as much as we enjoyed designing it.

See you in the air!


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